In Your Community

Ideas for your own fundraising for National Eye Research Centre

From cake-bakes to pub quizzes, street collections to your own event at work, church or university - there is something for everyone! Here are some ideas...

  • Street collection - you'll need to apply to your local council for a licence but we’ll give you all the materials you'll need for the day (collecting tins and buckets etc). Use your charm and raise some cash!
  • Sponsored events – get your friends and work colleagues to sponsor you to run a marathon or an abseil. Organise your own event or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, sign up to one of our challenge events (the full programme is on our website at )
  • Picnic in the park - organise a get together, ask everyone for a small donation.
  • Cake bake sale - bake some cakes and sell them to friends and colleagues
  • Supermarket bag pack - get a gang of you to pack shopping bags at your local supermarket and take along some of our collecting buckets
  • eBay auction - spring clean your home, get your friends to add to your collection, and donate the proceeds to National Eye Research Centre
  • Collect used stamps - send us your used stamps and we can turn them into cash! Full details here
  •  - recycle your used inkjet cartridges and old mobile phones with proceeds to National Eye Research Centre. Just click the recycle4charity logo to register to receive recycling envelopes and (if needed) recycling boxes
  • Karaoke night - sing your heart out with friends and charge a small fee to support us
  • Pub quiz - choose a pub and invite everyone you know to take part
  • Donations in lieu of presents – is someone in your family about to get married or have a birthday? Maybe they would nominate National Eye Research Centre to receive donations instead of receiving presents
  • Non-uniform day – primary schools often have a non-uniform day at the end of term. Everyone has to pay £1 not to wear uniform or wear fancy dress. Persuade them to choose National Eye Research Centre as their nominated charity.
  • Get local businesses to support you – ask local businesses to sponsor your event in return for some publicity. Some employers will match fund what their staff raise for a charity event (if you ask them!)
  • Tell the media – remember to tell your local media what you’re doing, the publicity might get you extra supporters and keep your social media networks on Facebook and Twitter up to date with everything you’re doing
  •  Do your own thing - be creative!
  • Download this ideas sheet as a pdf: Community fundraising ideas - MGD - 20150107.pdf