Research Applications

Our grant call for applications to our 2017 research grant funding programme for MAJOR grants and PhD studentships has now CLOSED. We expect to open our MAJOR grants stream for 2018 in September 2017. Please return to this page, or sign up to our email newsletter, later in the year to keep up to date with the latest information.

However, our SMALL GRANTS and TRAVEL GRANTS programmes remain open

  • Small grants are directed at eye research projects with a total cost less than £10,000; they are not equipment grants but may contain small items of equipment necessary for the delivery of the project provided these are fully detailed in the grant application.
  • Travel grants are offered to cover travel, accommodation and registration costs in connection with a National Eye Research Centre funded project where the applicant is presenting National Eye Research Centre funded data. Travel grants are capped at £1,500 per application and limited to one application per delegate per annum.

If you are a scientist, either a researcher or reviewer, wishing to create or access your online account please login or register below. The grant application forms are only accessible to researchers who have created an online researcher account. Grant applications will only be accepted through this online process. Applications made by post will NOT be accepted. We strongly recommend that you also sign up to our occasional email newsletter (using the webform on the left) so that we can keep you up to date with our grant calls and status updates. You can also keep up to date with our news by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

All grant applications are peer reviewed and scored for their potential to improve the vision of people with diseases or disabilities of the eye. Grants are awarded subject to the availibility of funds at the time of the award. All prospective applicants are strongly recommended to read National Eye Research Centre's research strategy before submitting a grant application. The research strategy also describes the grant application assessment in more detail.

National Eye Research Centre's research strategy can be downloaded here:

 Research Strategy - APPROVED - April 2016 - MGD - 20160419.pdf

National Eye Research Centre is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) and abides by its principles of best practice at all times.







Eye research costs money. National Eye Research Centre receives no statutory funding and is totally reliant on public donations. If you can help us raise money for eye research please make a donation now.