As a charity we depend on voluntary gifts such as legacies to fund the vital eye research that will lead to cures and treatments for diseases of the eye, sight loss and blindness.

If, after reading this page, you still have questions please contact us by phoning 0117 325 7757 or emailing [email protected]

There are three main types of will:

  • Pecuniary - a gift of a sum of cash
  • Specific - a defined gift, such as a property or shares
  • Residuary - the remaining part of an estate after other pecuniary and specific legacies and debts have been settled

Writing your will:

  • We strongly recommend you appoint a professional advisor, such as a solicitor, to draw up your will. We work closely with a number of solicitors and can suggest some names to you if you want.
  • Prepare the information they will need:
    • the value of your assets such as property, possessions, cash in bank accounts and any shareholdings etc.
    • the value of outstanding mortgages, loans and other liabilities.
  • Decide whom you would like to benefit from your will, such as friends, family and charities and how your estate should be apportioned between them.
  • Appoint executors to carry out your wishes. These can be your professional advisor(s), family members or friends, including those who are beneficiaries in your will.
  • Once completed, tell your executors where the original is kept.

Updating an existing will:

  • It is generally reasonably straightforward to update your existing will or to add a codicil to it. Ask your professional advisor about the simplest way to do this for you.
  • IMPORTANT: On 1 April 2014 National Eye Research Charity became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, which meant its registered charity number changed to 1156134. If you have already made a will with a bequest in favour of National Eye Research Centre and quoted our previous registered charity number we would ask you to update your will to show the new number. Thank you.
  • National Eye Research Centre strongly recommends that you take professional legal advice before making any changes to your will. However, the following suggested wording should give effect to the change in the charity's registered charity number: "My Will shall be construed and take effect as if all references to National Eye Research Centre (registered charity number 294087) shall be read as references to National Eye Research Centre (registered charity number 1156134)."

How to word a legacy to the National Eye Research Centre:

- 'I give to the National Eye Research Centre, Bristol Eye Hospital, Lower Maudlin Street, Bristol, BS1 2LX (Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation number 1156134), free of all taxes and duties, the sum of £X (or, X% of the residue of my estate) to be applied for its general purposes. I direct that the receipt of the Chief Executive for the time being of the charity or of another authorised officer shall be a good and sufficient discharge to my Trustee/s.'

Frequently asked questions:

What are the tax benefits of leaving a legacy to a charity such as National Eye Research Centre?

Legacies to registered charities, such as National Eye Research Centre, are free of inheritance tax. Including a gift to charity in your will not only helps the good cause you have chosen but will also reduce any liability to inheritance tax on the estate as the value of the charitable legacy is deducted from the value of the estate before it is assessed for tax.

How will National Eye Research Centre use a gift in my will?

The gift of sight is precious and National Eye Research Centre works tirelessly to identify and fund research projects that offer the best chance of treatments and cures for eye diseases and blindness. However, every year we are forced to decline excellent applications for eye research due to having insufficient funds. A gift to National Eye Research Centre in your will provides much needed funds for further research and thus brings closer the day when a successful treatment for another debilitating eye disease is found.

Can I draw up my will myself?

Yes, you can; but we believe this is a false economy. We strongly recommend that you always use a legally qualified person, such as a solicitor, to ensure that your will is correctly drawn up and is clear, complete and unambiguous. We can put you in touch with a number of solicitors if you need help in this area.

Should I let National Eye Research Centre know if I include you in my will?

There is no need to, but if you do we can acknowledge your wonderful gesture in a number of ways (always with your consent of course) and also keep you informed of the latest developments in eye research at the National Eye Research Centre.

Thank you for considering making a gift in your will to the National Eye Research Centre.

If you still have questions please contact us by phoning 0117 325 7757 or emailing [email protected]

Your privacy matters

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