Two million people worldwide suffer from Inherited retinal diseases (IRDs), of which Retinitis Pigmentosa is the most common.  Collectively, they are the major cause of inherited sight loss, ultimately often leading to total blindness and with profound impacts on patients, their families and society.

Every year limited resources mean that National Eye Research Centre has to turn down more research projects than our charity can afford to support. This year our independent Scientific Advisory Committee scored one such research project into IRDs very highly but we were unable to fund it immediately due to lack of money. However, this research is vital, so we are asking for your help to ensure we can give this project the go-ahead it urgently needs as soon as possible.

This research project, under the direction of Dr Forbes Manson, an acclaimed expert in the genetics of this class of diseases at the University of Manchester, will cost £85,000 over three years and every contribution, no matter how large or small, will take us closer to our target. The University of Manchester has already promised £15,000 to cover the costs of various consumables but we need to raise the balance to fund the PhD research student and unlock the University contribution.