About Us

The gift of sight is precious. It enables us all to enjoy many beautiful things in our world. But our eyes are easily damaged and, regardless of age, this could result in loss of sight. Imagine being able to shed a little light into that darkness. You can!

As a leading eye-disease research charity, we meet a national need for increased research into the structure and working of the eye, into the causes and treatments for eye diseases and the prevention of blindness. Advances made in collaboration with eye research centres across the country are bringing fresh hope of developing cures for several currently incurable diseases - we believe that prevention is better than cure.

  • The valuable research we fund covers many of the more frequent causes of sight loss affecting both young and old alike and takes the form of small and large project grants, PhD studentships and funding essential lab equipment. The research we fund is carried out in research establishments across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • We are currently funding research looking into cures for some of the more debilitating eye conditions such as: uveitis, retinal diseases, age related macular degeneration, corneal graft rejection and children's eye diseases.
  • Research successes include the University of Bristol developing tests that can predict responses to treatment with steroids for uveitis. This now allows researchers to move onto the next step of tailoring the right treatments to the patients most at need.

Over 40 people in the UK lose their sight each day. A donation today, whether large or small, will help bring forward the day when research provides the treatment for yet another eye disease. Please DONATE NOW and support our vital research to prevent blindness.